PG 2 Supervised Paragliding Course

Our PG 2 supervised pilot certification course is a highly structured informative 9 day course providing our students with the skill, knowledge and competency to fly safely. Our courses are structured to cover PG 2 Part A and B theory exams, movies and sim training that provides both practical and theory components for PG 2 certification. We strive for excellence in our training programs, teaching paragliding to the highest standards in Australia. We keep courses limited to small groups of 3 students. Our vision is to provide an ongoing service and support for paragliding and to continually offer advice and guidance to students and developing pilots whilst always keeping safety a priority.

What to expect

Firstly you will master the art of ground handling and practice reverse and forward launch techniques, once you are comfortable and have demonstrated good control of your glider you will then progress to the training slopes for low glides and landings. As your skill increases you will then be taken for some tandem soaring flights to further develop your flying skills. Next is high glides where you are fitted with a radio and then talked through your first solo high glide and circuit landing approach, followed by many soaring and thermalling flights.

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