Gin Rage 2 Paraglider

Gin Rage 2 Paraglider



The Rage is designed for advanced acro pilots wishing to perform helicopters, infinity tumblings, Rhythmic and McTwists with the maximum amount of power, control and stability. The Rage gives an incomparable feeling of power through the brake handles. It reacts very precisely to brake inputs and recovers easily from stalls and spins. This improves the safety and easiness of heli-connections, giving an overall feeling of efficiency.


SIZE 17 19.5
Flat area (m2) 17.0 19.5
Flat span (m) 9.7 10.4
Flat aspect ratio 5.6 5.6
Projected area (m2) 14.4 16.9
Projected span (m) 7.9 8.5
Projected aspect ratio 4.3 4.3
Number of cells 54 54
Glider weight (kg) 5.4 6.1
Weight range (kg) 70-90 80-100
Certification EN 926C EN 926C


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